Perchty von Bladen´s Diary

Welcome uninvited, but much-awaited wanderer! You have entered to the diary of group Perchty von Bladen.

We are from Czech Republic and our history goes back to 2007. And why name Perchty von Bladen? It is simple – Perchta (von Rosenberg) was a well known Czech noblewoman from the historical period that we are interested in. And Bladen is an old name of our village, later Bladensdorf and after the Second World War Mladoňov, then (part of the village Nový Malín, district of Šumperk)... that´s way PERCHTY von BLADEN. leboutique

We are mainly dance group and our dances are most inspired by Gothic and Renaissance. Apart from the dance performance we also have other activities. For example...лебутик
- make ourselves costumes and properties. Some of them were made in accordance to the surviving desing, colors and materials. Others are just inspired by history, but let´s say they are funnier.
- create a choreography by historical practice enriches our own ideas and imagination
- Organize historical festivals and entertaining events for children, too.
- travelling to festivals, castles, towns...

Dance group Perchty von Bladen is a civic association with five members. Four dancers (women) and man (boss - man for all exceptional dance ;)

We can offer you several type sof performance for your event/festival/celebration:
  • Gothic or Renaissance rural marry dance
  • Gothic noble nobility dance
  • Zingarelly, medieval live dance from southern countries
Šlechta 3
Vesnice 2
Zingarelly 1

All performance may be from 10 to 30 minutes long and all may be ended with a joint dance with the audience.

You can comunicate with us in German, English or Czech (of course ;) by e-mail or

All what we do, we do with love, so keep your fingers crossed us to be successful!